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CALL TO ACTION! "Tennesse Demands Responsible Representation" 

The Southern National Congress, who shares overlapping leadership with extremist hate group League of the South, is holding their racist convention at Fall Creek Falls State Park November 1 - 3, 2013. They've invited TN State Legislators to participate. We do not accept any form or appearance of racism in public service. Elected officials should demonstrate a deep and meaningful commitment to equality, and at the least should not openly endorse white supremacy and minority inferiority. These legislators' choice to speak at this gathering gives the appearance that they, and their constituents, support the SNC's ideas of white superiority and secession from the United States. They should not support the growth of hate groups in Tennessee through speaking engagements that falsely legitimize racist ideas and action. Racism is a community issue, and anti-racism is a community responsibility. Go to our call to action page to learn more about the continued presence of the League of the South in Tennessee and to learn what you can do to stop the hate. Read our Fact Sheet on the SNC and TN State Legislators.

TN Anti Racist Network issues a NEW Call To Action. Take Action NOW.


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